“Sting” Gulfcraft Touring 36

“Sting” Gulfcraft Touring 36“Sting” Gulfcraft Touring 36

March 2008 saw the third Touring 36 delivered to Phuket’s waters. However this vessel was not destined for a resort to be used as a ferry boat or charter vessel. The owner Mr Ross Taylor knew exactly what he wanted and having searched the market including other models from Gulfcraft, finally chose the T36, as he wanted a fun boat with lots of passenger space. Ross had many customs plans for his boat and most of these were executed at the factory to include a new seat layout, custom dashboard and coolers. The other mods were carried out by the Go Boating team at their service facility at RPM once the vessel had arrived. Extra lights, new helm seat, hardtop sky hatches, cooling fans and custom seat cushions are just a few items which Ross had planned and everything was installed and his dream became a reality. Suzuki 300hp engines were chosen not to achieve a high top speed but for their ability to give this boat a very economical cruise speed of 26 knots. A top speed of 43knots is available. To date Ross has done quite a few trips with friends and regularly takes 15+ guests out on the boat. The new seating layout gives ample room and keeps the vessel evenly laden which aids stability and performance. Catch up with Ross one day and get out on this amazingly versatile vessel.

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