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Silvercraft Range of Leisure, Fishing, and Family Boats

Styling, comfort, and practicality are the design parameters that have defined the success of the family cruisers and fishing boats that make up the Silvercraft product range. The boats are built for pleasure cruising, sport fishing, and overwater activities such as water-skiing, military, and coast guard applications and offer a selection of models that combine advanced hull designs and superior performance. Over the years, the Silvercraft fleet has grown to encompass a number of models – varied in size, capacity, style, and purpose. Continuing the Gulf Craft reputation for constant innovation and superior standard quality, the Silvercraft fleet combines advanced hull designs, superior performance, and evolving styles.

Every Silvercraft is designed with structural reliability and safety as a priority and offers features that have kept fishing enthusiasts and families loyal to the brand for more than three decades. With thousands of recreational craft cruising the seas, Gulf Craft can proudly reflect on a loyal customer base. Built on the sea-faring traditions of the region and its own powerboat racing heritage, Gulf Craft has rapidly developed into one of the leading fiberglass powerboat builders worldwide. From relaxing days on the lake to long fishing excursions, its hulls have a proven track record in waters as demanding as the waves off the Australian southern shores and South-Africa’s Cape Town, to as far north as the Norwegian fjords.